Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ever Tried to Choose From Identical Specification Laptops at the Same Price - How Would You Choose?

As we all know, the modern world has boundless amounts of technology, gadgets and gizmos to choose from and nowhere is this more obvious than when looking at computer related products.

The challenge many people face when choosing a laptop is that there are simply so many models which are of a similar specification and price range. This means that choosing the right laptop often comes down to totally non specification aspects such as if their friends have the same make or if they saw an advert.

It is true to say that you can get several models of laptop from different manufactures' that all have the same specification on the box but what the less informed laptop buyers should take into account 9and often do not) is what the quality is of the components that have been used to make the laptop. To give you an analogy where the choice is much clearer: you can get two car makes with identical specifications, both have air conditioning, CD player, electric windows, etc but one is a Mercedes and the other a Ford. Now both are great manufacturers but for anyone who has experience of these two brands, you will know that the Mercedes overall is of a much higher quality - and much more money.

But back to our laptops, the choice is made harder as the models we are looking at are similarly priced as well as having the same specification - so how do most of us choose? Well, this comes down largely to marketing and what the store may be pushing (unless you are buying online). Invariably the best laptop buys are those that meet your budget, have the right specification and are made by a brand you trust.

The best thing someone new to buying a laptop can do is read online about reliability. You should do you research, refine your choice to a handful of models then do a final "reliability" search to see which one has the best reviews or the lest bad reviews.